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SPA salons in Odessa:
1.  62/1 Ac. Williams street,
ph. (048) 719-19-19
2.  16 Zhukovskogo street,
ph. (048) 700-32-33,
(048) 725-84-13
3.  67/2 Ac. Zabolotnogo
street, ph. (048) 777-30-30
4.  13 Bunina street,
ph. (048) 777-50-50
5. Shevchenko avenue, 7,
ph. (048) 777-10-10

SPA salons in Mykolaiv:
1. 7 Krilova street,
ph. (0512) 44-14-45
2. 44/2 Sennaya street,
ph. (0512) 47-99-48

SPA salon in Ternopil:
28 Tekstilnaya street,
SEC "Podolyany"
ph. (0352) 47-78-24

Open from 9.00 to 22.00.
On Sunday: from 11.00 to 20.00.

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Mobile Spa      

You are welcome to the unforgettable world of SPA procedures!
We shall come to you and you get a massage directly at your home or at work.

Order the service right now                          

«Mobile SPA» – means a mobile SPA-salon coming directly to you and rendering highly professional, chic and efficient SPA procedures at your home, in health-improvement and sporting complexes and even at your office.

One telephone call to 719-19-19 (or 700-32-33, 777-30-30), and our SPA mobile with a SPA-therapist and all required equipment is at your place at the appointed time.

You can order the service directly from this page of the site.

Details on the mobile SPA:

What is «Mobile SPA» and for whom it is prepared
How to order the service from the «Mobile SPA» menu
What is necessary for the «Mobile SPA» service
«Mobile SPA» geography
Limitations and prohibitions

Download Price list for the «Mobile SPA» services
(in the Microsoft Word Document format)

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