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SPA salons in Odessa:
1.  16 Zhukovskogo street
2.  62/1 Ac. Williams street
3.  67/2 Ac. Zabolotnogo str.
4.  13 Bunina street
5.  7 Shevchenko avenue


(048) 734-20-20
(098) 134-20-20
(050) 134-20-20
(073) 134-20-20


6.  15 Pushkinskaya street,
hotel "Bristol"
ph. (048) 796 58 80

SPA salons in Mykolaiv:
1. 7 Krilova street,
ph. (0512) 44-14-45
SPA salons in Mykolaiv:
1. 7 Krilova street,
ph. (0512) 44-14-45
2. 44/2 Sennaya street,
ph. (0512) 47-99-48

SPA salon in Ternopil:
28 Tekstilnaya street,
SEC "Podolyany"
ph. (0352) 47-78-24

Open from 9.00 to 22.00.
On Sunday: from 11.00 to 20.00.

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What is «Mobile SPA»                        

«Mobile SPA» – means a mobile SPA-salon coming directly to you.

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We offer a new service for you - «Mobile SPA». What does it mean and for whom this offer was prepared?

Modern living dictates the necessity of active and often long working hours.
In pursuit of business aims we burn candle at both ends forgetting that our resources are not endless. Physical and nervous stress tells upon our health, and sometime it may result in falling out if step. It’s okay if the malfunction is insignificant and easily localizable. At moments like this we remember of the necessity to support our health.
So, what to do if your business activity that takes practically all your time is extremely important for you, on one side, and on the other side your health also requires time.

It is exactly for this group that we offer the services of «Mobile SPA» from the «Orient» Thai SPA massage salons.
We shall come to you during your working hours and render the services ordered directly at your work place. You shall save the time for the road and in addition to increasing the productivity of your working day make it useful for your health.

The second group of consumers of the «Mobile SPA» services consists of people who know well how to keep good shape, both physically and psychologically, who possess free time and want to get high class service at their homes.
Conducting procedures in the conditions of home improves favourable effect of the work of our specialists because a person can better relax on his own grounds. The combination of home comfort and the services of masseurs of the «Orient» Thai SPA massage salons produces the best possible result.

How to order the service from the «Mobile SPA» menu

To obtain the «Mobile SPA» service connect one of our salons by 700-32-33 (or 700-32-33, 777-30-30) and arrange the day and time of the procedure with manager. You may also send a message:write to us.
You can order the service directly from this page of the site.

By ordering the service you accept the existing limitations and prohibitions applied for rendering the services of «Mobile SPA». The manager shall book the agreed time for you and prepare everything required for rendering the service chosen from the «Mobile SPA» menu. Our travelling group consisting of the driver-manager and Thai massage master shall arrive by the time agreed at the specified address. «Mobile SPA» is equipped with everything necessary for carrying out the procedure at high level. We bring a mat, bed sheets, towels, aroma lamps, music, oils, pyjamas and gowns, candles and all other things used in our rooms at the salons. If the complex of the services ordered shall last for more than 3 hours, there should bу provided 15-20 minutes for the rest of the master.


You can use any convenient form of payment:
- cashless transfer to the enterprise account
- international payment systems cards
- cash to the driver-manager after the service is rendered
- our card of prepaid services
We prefer any form of payment you choose excluding cash.

What is necessary for the «Mobile SPA» service

Requisites for carrying out the procedure are as follows:

1. Free space of at least 7 sq. m.
2. Electric supply 220 V in the room where the procedure is to be conducted.
3. As close as possible approach to the building.
4. Natural ventilation in the room is very desirable.
5. And your positive mood is the main condition.

«Mobile SPA» geography

The «Mobile SPA» service allows extending the geography of rendering services and avoiding limitation to the city of Odessa alone. We shall be glad to render our services according to the orders arriving from all Odessa region. Taking into account the distance from Odessa we shall agree the volume of the order. Minimal volume of the order for the inhabitants of Illichevsk shall be at least 120 min. For other cities and settlements orders shall be arranged individually taking into consideration the time for the road.

Limitations and prohibitions

The «Mobile SPA» services have some limitations, namely:

1. We do not go after 22.00.
2. We do not go to hotels, rented apartments and flats.
3. We do not go to baths and saunas.
4. We do not render services to customers who are in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication.
5. We do not render services in the places where any events with the use of alcoholic drinks are conducted.
6. Minimal time of the procedure ordered – 1 hour. Procedures of less duration on our menu can be rendered only additionally to other procedures.
7. Taking into account the traffic the time of our arrival can be slightly changed as compared to the agreed time.

We shall be very glad to visit offices, private houses for rendering services to families, to health-improving and sporting complexes subject to booking the order by the managers of such institutions.

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