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"ORIENT-SPA" Licensed specialists
from Thailand invite you to Thai massage salons
Traditional Thai massage            

Client’s information

      More than two thousand years ago, a close friend of Buddha and a personal physician of the Indian tsar Javak Kumar Bhashi invented massage capable of replacing the whole modern medicine.
      Today it is called the Thai massage because it was developed mainly in Thailand rather than in India from which it originated. This type of massage is the result of Thai culture with its special philosophy. Thai system requires sincere and good relations between the massage therapist and the patient, as well as calm atmosphere facilitating such feelings. Temples were the only places where this massage was taught.
Thai massage is the art of establishing a connection between the receiver and the one who practices. The massage therapist breathes in time with the patient. This connection is based on a sort of universal energy presented in two opposite entities that complement one another – Yin and Yan.
      The purpose of practicing the traditional Thai massage consists in bringing the body to the state of harmony through both deep relaxation and the intensive inflow of vital power. Besides, the blood vessels tonus significantly increases and the joints mobility improves.
    Thai massage is founded on the theory of invisible energy lines running through the body. 10 major lines, on which the most important acupuncture points are located, are used in Thai massage. Vital energy is poured into a man through these points as if through peculiar “windows”. Plugging of these points may result in energetic blockade – abnormal balance and various diseases. A skilful massage therapist can restore the flow by actuating these points and assisting to the recovery. Thai massage combines the methods of three techniques of linear massage, deep massage of muscles and tendon meridians and manual therapy with the elements of yoga, which help opening the energy system of a man. Another name of Thai massage is “yoga-massage”.
      Thai massage is a very popular form of treatment in Thailand. It occupies the leading position in the health-protection system and is considered a very convenient and effective method of treatment by all strata of population. Thai medicine has only a slight connection with anatomy, which is a unique feature, the reason being that it was prohibited in Thailand to make autopsy of bodies in the past.
One cannot learn Thai massage without deep immersion in Buddhist world-view. It is inaccessible for Europeans. This opinion was expressed by western scientists who had become residents of Thailand and studied Thai traditional massage in monasteries for many years. Copies are always worse than originals, particularly with us. The skill of massage is passed by the Thais from one generation to another.
      This strengthening and relaxing massage has been improved during many centuries. The massage in practiced on special mats, the whole body being under the influence of biological points massage and stretching and twisting movements without using any oil. All this helps improving blood circulation and releasing stress and at the same time fills you with energy and calm. A special Thai pajama shall ensure your comfort.
You can choose a 1- or 2-hour session. It is recommended to begin from 1 hour gradually increasing the duration.

Contraindications to using Thai massage.

   There are usual contra-indications to Thai massage, the same as to many other forms of massage therapy. The massage is contra-indicated in the following cases:

- serious cardio-vascular diseases and high arterial pressure; oncological diseases; - osteoporosis;
-prothesis (for example, of hip or knee joint);
-skin diseases: eczema, psoriasis, zoster (massage is prohibited in the affected zone);
- period of pregnancy;
- massage is not recommended in case of varix dilatation


  Reflexology has become very popular recently. It originates from Asia, focusing on activating nerves endings on feet, hands and ears connected with corresponding organs and nerves all over the body. It is most often used on feet. By pressing a certain point the massage therapist controls energy flows. Special oils are used for feet massage. They consist of: natural oil of vine kernels, natural ether oils: grapefruit, lemon, vitamin E. No preservatives, coloring agents or synthetic additives are added. They stimulate blood circulation in case of varix dilatation; release strain, tiredness, edema; serve as tonic and analgesic means.

Feet SPA

   Special herbal potion "Samunphray" is used for feet steam bath. It gives the feeling of freshness to feet and protects against unpleasant smell. It improves blood circulation and cleans the skin. Then the feet are peeled for removing keratinized skin and indurations. This is followed by feet massage.
Recommendations: drink a glass of warm water or tea, take a bath not earlier that after 2 hours, do not walk on marble or tile floor.

Aroma massage with specialized oils

   It is based on the ancient tradition of using ether oils.
Specialized massage oils prepared with the oil of peach or vine kernels that include ether oils are used for different types of massage. Neutral oil can be used on the client’s wish.

Relaxing massage

   The relaxing massage technique is based on the interrelation between the brain, psychic organ and muscles. At the moment of psychic excitation the muscles become involuntarily strained. In their turn, the muscles influence psychic state.

   The more relaxed the muscles are, the less impulses they send to the brain. When the brain receives less excitant impulses from the body peripheries it sets to calm. This physiological law is used in the methods of relaxing massage. Laboratory studies have shown that the risk of cancer or heart attack is increased under the influence of stress. The same concerns insomnia, pains in the back and the neck and permanent tiredness of muscles.

   Relaxing massage with the use of special oils is ideal for people who suffer from stress, tiredness, nervousness. It normalizes sleep and general tonus. Full results can be achieved after 10-15 sessions. Oil contents: natural peach oil; natural ether oils: lavender, valerian, geranium, marjoram, vitamin E. No preservatives and additives added. It calms down after emotional stresses, nervous exhaustion; possess relaxing and warming qualities; soothes pain from rheumatism and arthritis; releases irritability, feelings of fear, loneliness, drops of mood; creates a feeling of comfort; lowers arterial pressure, dilates blood vessels.

Tonic massage.

   It creates general strengthening and health-improving effect. Excellently fits for people leading active life. Special oil is used for tonic massage. The contents of the oil: natural vine kernels oil, natural ether oils: thyme, lime, juniper, petitgrain, cedar, vitamin E. No preservatives, coloring agents and synthetic additives added. It stimulated metabolism of the body; normalizes arterial pressure; normalizes the functions of nervous system, improves sleep; serves as an anti-depressant; helps concentrate attention; restores strength after long sickness. It is recommended to use this massage after physical or emotional stress, for improving general state once or twice a week.

   Neutral oil is used on the wish of the client or in case of allergy to ether oils. Its contents: natural oil of peach kernels, natural oil of jojoba, natural lemon oil, vitamin E. No preservatives, coloring agents and synthetic additives added. It prevents and releases irritation in case of super sensitivity of skin.

Anti-cellulite massage

   The method consists in creating the electromagnetic field under the influence of the massage therapist’s arms, which forces the cells to work more actively. The massage therapist’s hands energetically slide upon the skin, smoothly but at same time exerting some pressure. This effect helps resolving the fibrous skeletons of the cells and clears them from wastes. It is advisable to visit IR box before the massage for deep warming of the body and softening the wastes. Due to the use of special technique drastic means are not necessary. Special oil is used for the massage. Oil contents: vine kernels oil; natural ether oils: lavender, geranium, juniper, lemon, cypress, vitamin E. No preservatives, coloring agents and additives added. The oil eliminates flabbiness; activates peripheral blood circulation; normalizes lymphatic drainage; adds vitamins to skin; helps removing toxins; eliminates the inflammation of hypodermic tissues; helps utilizing excessive fat residues.
   Oil for supporting body elasticity
   Contents: natural almond oil; natural ether oils: lavender, rosemary, mint, geranium,thyme, vitamin Е. Oil contents: natural peach oil; natural ether oils: lavender, valerian, geranium, marjoram, vitamin E. No preservatives, coloring agents and additives added. Effect: tones up; improves the elasticity of the body; strengthens the walls of blood vessels; helps removing toxins out of tissues; improves lymphatic and blood outflow; increases brain and physical activity.
   Massage oil preventing skin stretches
   Contents: natural oil of peach kernels, natural ether oils: lime, mandarin, neroli, vitamin E. Oil contents: natural peach oil; natural ether oils: lavender, valerian, geranium, marjoram, vitamin E. No preservatives, color agents and additives added. Effect: eliminates skin stretching after pregnancy, in case of abrupt loss of weight, after sporting super-loads; reduces flabbiness, improves its elasticity; improves blood circulation, increases the tension of breast, belly and thigh muscles; helps normalizing metabolism in skin and hypodermis in the zones of stretching; exerts preventive action

Swedish massage

   Most popular type of massage. Manual percussion, prickling, twisting, cutting movements are used. It has both therapeutic and relaxing effect.

Hands massage

   One of the acupuncture massage types. It releases tiredness, gives cheerfulness and increases ability to work. Oil for hands massage is used. Contents: natural almond oil; natural ether oils: lavender and bergamot, vitamin E. No preservatives, color agents and additives added. Renders anti-inflammatory, regenerating effect; moistens, softens the skin of the hand; strengthens and protects the skin; adds softness and elasticity to the skin.

Relaxing head massage

   Reflexology techniques and activation of nerves endings are used. The following oils can be used:

   Oil for care of fat and normal skin of the face
Contents: natural almonds oil, natural ether oils: bergamot, grapefruit, melissa, cypress, vitamin E. No preservatives, color agents and additives added. Normalizes fat metabolism in case of increased secretion of oil glands; helps removing luster on the face skin; softens the skin, makes it more elastic; prevents wrinkles, gives nice and healthy appearance to the skin.

Oil for care of dry and normal skin of the face Contents: natural almond oil, natural ether oils: orange, geranium, patchouli, sandalwood, vitamin E. No preservatives, color agents and additives added. Helps rejuvenating the skin, improves its elasticity and resilience; eliminates inflammation, irritation of the skin; softens and nourishes the skin; protects the skin against the loss of moisture and adverse atmospheric effects; prevents skin peeling and forming wrinkles.

Oil for care of mixed skin of the face
   Contents: natural oil of peach kernels, natural ether oils: ilang-ilang,neroli, lemon, mint, vitamin E. No preservatives, color agents and additives added. Helps normalizing fat metabolism, improves blood circulation; adds freshness to the skin, makes it elastic and resilient.

Anti-wrinkles oil
   Contents: natural oil of peach kernels, natural jojoba oil; natural ether oils: lime, rose, neroli, sandal, vitamin E. No preservatives, color agents and additives added. Nourishes, smooths and revitalizes the skin

Oil for sensitive skin of the face
Contents: natural peach oil; natural ether oils: chamomile, geranium, mandarin, vitamin E. No preservatives, color agents and additives added. Protects delicate, pale and sensitive skin against the exposure to unfavorable environmental factors; eliminates peeling, redness of skin; prevents wrinkles; makes the skin elastic soft, velvety, prevents its aging.

Brightening oil for the face
Contents: natural peach oil, natural oil of jojoba; natural ether oils: grapefruit, lemon, chamomile, vitamin E. No preservatives, color agents and additives added. Brightens the skin eliminated pigmentation (веснушки, freckles, pigment stains); gives velvety appearance to the skin; nourishes, rejuvenates the skin;
The presence of jojoba oil in the composition ensures quick penetration of ether oils and strengthens anti-inflammatory effect.

Body scrub

   Peeling scrubs remove keratinized cells of the skin, giving healthy look and color to the body, clear toxins from the body and clean the pores

   Scrub based on tea tree oil
Peeling gel with large concentration of tea tree oil and tea leaves. Excellent for eliminating dullness and various drawbacks of the skin, helps making the skin more tender, healthy and brilliant.

Scrub based on oats
   Oats is a natural peeling agent with jojoba oil and vitamin E, it excellently removes keratinized cells deeply cleans and assists blood circulation. It good for men.

Scrub based on turmeric and vine kernels oil
   Scrub with sea salt enriched with turmeric, special Thai herbs that assist to cleaning, smoothing wrinkles, have anti-bacterial effect and make the skin more bright and healthy. The vine kernels being a natural anti-oxidant rich in fatty acids restore moistening and protect against dryness.

Body masks
   Moistening masks for the body replenish deficit of vitamins in the skin. The support the body in tonus, add elasticity to the skin, improve blood circulation. Prepared based on special clay (white Thai silt).

Body mask based on cinnamon.
   Cinnamon possesses anti-bacterial properties and stimulates immune system, adds brightness and healthy look to the skin.

Body mask based on turmeric
   Turmeric whitens, smoothes the skin, has anti-bacterial properties. Ensures deep cleaning and detoxication of skin.

Black sesame mask
   The mask is rich in vitamin E and sesamin, which helps protecting the body against aggressive environment. Deep cleaning and detoxication of skin.

Hot herbal bags

   The use of Thai hot herbal compresses is a distinguishing feature of Thai SPA that makes it principally different from other types of massage and that has been the most powerful instrument of ancient healing for a long time. Complex mixtures of herbs are stuffed in small cloth bags, and exposed to steam for a long time, and then they are applied to certain zones of the body with slight pressure and circular movements. The herbal composition of the bags is very complicated and usually consists of ten to twenty herbs. Do not wash off during 2 hours. After the procedure light yellow stains may appear on the clothing that can be removed by washing.

Traditional bags for general massage

   They are practiced as a part of SPA package or as a separate procedure. Major ingredients are: lemongrass, lime leaves, pry, ginger, tamarind, camphor, aloe vera, sea salt. They relieve pain in joints and muscles, improves blood circulation.

Black sesame bags

   Ideal for massage after sauna or IR box. Excellently freshens the skin due to a large content of vitamin E in black sesame. Because the pores are opened, vitamin E excellently penetrates into the skin. In ancient Thailand black sesame was used for the treatment of bones diseases and rheumatism. Cloth soaked in sesame oil was applied to the body and stayed for several days.

IR box use for health-improving and cosmetic purposes

The difference between sauna and IR box

   Thermal procedures, namely deep heating of the body, have been used for restoration, treatment and improvement of health since old times. The use of bath and sauna is one of traditional elements of culture of many peoples.
Modern life is impetuous and mobile, so people today sometimes cannot afford spending much time for supporting their health. It is safe to say the IR sauna or IR box is an ideal variant in this situation allowing ensure optimal care of health that demands not so much time.
1. It is enough to stay in the IR box during 20-40 min on one occasion. Which means that the main accent was made by the manufacturers of IR boxes on acquiring health and spiritual relaxation during the shortest possible time.
1. It is enough to stay in the IR box during 20-40 min on one occasion. Which means that the main accent was made by the manufacturers of IR boxes on acquiring health and spiritual relaxation during the shortest possible time.

2. Heat transfer in a sauna is performed by air heated to 100-110 degrees C. It heats the whole body through the skin at least to 3-5 mm deep. In IR box, the heat transfer is realized by heating the body with IR (thermal) rays irradiated from special sources. Thermal waves pass through the air without heating it, instead they penetrate directly though the body. Thanks to this the whole body is heated to the depth of 4 cm, the temperature can be supported at the level of 40-60 degrees C for very easy conditions. The heat sources are designed in such a way as to irradiate the waves that are very close to the warmth of a human body in their frequency. This range is called "Vital Rays".

3. The sweat exuded in the IR box contains about 80% of water and 20% of solid substances, such as fat, cholesterol, toxins, acids, wastes, etc. (as compared to traditional sauna where the sweat contains 95% of water and 5% of solid substances). At that, the quantity of sweat exuded during half an hour in the IR box at the temperature of about 50 degrees C exceeds the same in a traditional sauna by 2 or 3 times during the same time at the temperature of 110 degrees С.
Besides, the body temperature in the IR cabin rises up to 38,5С, which simulates natural reaction of the body to infection that suppressed the activity of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. After the session the body is charged with energy, and the health is improved with excellent mood in additions to this.

4. Due to the fact that the IR box does not exert thermal load, even children, elderly people and the people suffering from vascular and neuro-circulatory diseases are allowed to use it. Above all, the use of the box is prescribed in such conditions because it trains thermo-regulation, which is a powerful stimulus to the immune system and protective forces of the body.
An important advantage of the IR box is the possibility of daily use while sauna is recommended only once a week.

5. Exposure to hot burning atmosphere and excessive humidity causes acute and sharp stimulation of the nervous system. The body is forced to mobilize significant resources to compensate the influence of the environment; this is why we feel exhausted after traditional bath or sauna.
On the contrary, IR sauna with its soft atmosphere is favorable for psychological state of the person, relieves stress and creates the feeling of rest and comfort for the body.

Therapeutic treatment

   Medical laboratories in the USA and Japan have studied and continue studying the properties of IR boxes. Their joint efforts resulted in confirming therapeutic effect in the following cases:

Cardio-vascular disorders

   Regular use of IR box helps lowering the level of cholesterol in blood, which in its turn significantly decreases the risk of heart diseases (heart attack, coronary vessels diseases, etc.).
Thus, the patients, particularly those who suffer from oscillations of blood pressure, should realize one important thing – the infra-red bath has an expressed normalizing effect on the pressure – it lowers high pressure and rises the low one without changing normal pressure. IR bath is successfully used for: dilatation of veins of lower extremities or varix dilatation. Even after 8-10 sessions the tiredness, pain in the legs diminishes, edema quickly disappears, the skin stops itching. For supporting the veins tonus it is recommended to visit IR box at least twice a week during a long period to consolidate the effect.
An additional effect of training the muscles responsible for the vessels dilatation can be marked; as the result the walls of the vessels become more resilient and elastic. Negative consequences of varix dilatation are reduced; blood circulation improved, particularly in peripheral zones and capillary.
As your body produces more sweat to cool itself, your heart works more and more actively to help blood circulation, which can be compared in its effect to durable physical exercises. The pulse, blood circulation and metabolism grow, while diastolic pressure falls, thus improving the general cardio-vascular state.

Blood circulation
   The heating of the body with infra-red waves in IR boxes dilates blood vessels stimulating blood circulation, particularly, in peripheral zones and capillaries. Regular sessions of IR sauna become an effective means for eliminating such diseases as insufficient blood circulation in the extremities ("cold feet", which is characteristic for old people).
The diseases mentioned below can be connected with insufficient blood circulation that can be improved by the action of infra-red waves: arthritis, nervous stress, inflammation of nerve, quick overstrain, sciatica, diabetes, pain in scars, pain in the back, muscles diseases, rheumatism, dysmenorrheal pains, stomach disorders, varix dilatation, blood circulation system disorders, post-operational edema.
Besides, other results reached thanks to the use of IR waves are known:
- with low blood pressure: rise of the pressure due to regular stimulation of blood circulation; - with bad memory: the state improves very quickly.

Respiratory system
   Next group of diseases – chronic non-specific diseases of respiratory system – bronchitis, bronchial asthma, chronic pneumonia, emphysema of lungs, pneumosclerosis, including the patients with difficult sputum discharge. Many people suffer from such states, particularly, those who smoke. These patients should take infra-red baths with gradual increase of temperature from 40 to 70 degrees and the time from 20 to 40 min. In winter it is recommended to take IR baths delivered to your home by motor transport to avoid the exposure to contrast cold air in the street.

Digestion disorders
   The IR baths are very effective in case of gastritis, they help healing stomach and duodenal ulcer in the state of remission. In this case remember that it is ultimate to keep to normal diet for achieving full effect.
A number of digestion disorders are also eliminated, meteorism and cholecystitis reduced, big intestine stimulated.

Catarrhal diseases
   A series of IR box procedures improves the resistance of the body to infections and detains the process of virus multiplication. Viruses and bacteria become inactive and weakened and then die. The number of white blood cells in your body is significantly increased. They begin the struggle with the infection and help preventing a cold or grippe.
Consequently, regular sessions not only allow avoiding colds but also may help in the struggle with these illnesses when they are just beginning, thus shortening the period of recovery. Besides, the states that are usually treated with heating the body can be healed much more effectively – among them are bronchitis, pneumonia, rhinitis etc.

Relieving the pain
   Infra-red heat reduces pain. With lowering the strain in muscles sciatica pains are also calmed; heat helps breaking this circulus virtuosus. Heat reduces pains both at nerves roots and in the adjacent tissues. In stomatological studies this phenomenon is mentioned as analgetic means. Heat stimulates the reduction of producing endorphines.
Deep heating with IR rays dilates peripheral vessels releasing muscles pains and healing wounds in soft tissues. The growing blood circulation carries the wastes of metabolic process away and delivers the blood enriched in oxygen to the muscles suffering from oxygen deficit, so that they are healed sooner. The muscles relax better under heating, they become more flexible and elastic.

Traumas and post-operation period
   Human body is a self-healing system. The process of self-renewing consists of 2 stages: delivery of “building materials” to the place to be “repaired" and the process of the “repair” itself. Due to speeding up the metabolic process, the time of both stages is significantly shortened, which leads to quick healing of wounds, contusions, traumas, fractures, resolution of hematomas. The rehabilitation period after surgical operations is significantly reduced (except when artificial materials had been implanted) and wounds.

Nervous system disorders
   Sessions in IR box relax your nervous system, soft atmosphere relieves stress creating the feeling of rest and comfort. A visit to IR sauna gives pleasant impression that finally results in prophylactic and treating effect. IR sauna eliminates insomnia, stress, nervous tic.

Releasing stress and tiredness
   Probably, simple relaxation washing away the stress and strain of city life shall be the most obvious use of your IR box. Only several minutes in the soft warmth of your IR box shall give you the effect of general massage with soothing the strained nerves and muscles. You shall feel younger and renewed with spiritual and physical forces restored.

Immune system
   The method of IR waves deep penetration can be compared to the organism reaction to a feverish state. Due to this reaction, the organism acquires the ability to struggle with bacteria and viruses and to slow down their reproduction with simultaneous increase of the number of leucocytes struggling with infectious diseases. During the session in the IR box the content of hemoglobin in blood grows, as well as the number of erythrocytes that supply oxygen to the organs. Immune system shall function more effectively, the resistance of the organism to diseases shall rise.
Combined with the removal of toxins and wastes due to abundant sweating all this shall strengthen your health and improve the resistance to diseases.
The functioning of the immune system is stabilized, total resistance of the organism to unfavorable environmental influence grows, metabolism is normalized, anemia lessens, the cells of the body begin working better. Infra-red waves compensate unfavorable effect of ultra-violet rays and serve as the only antidote against sun burns.

Body cleaning, removal of toxins and wastes
   Growing blood circulation stimulates sudoriferous glands to remove toxins and wastes more actively. Daily discharge of sweat helps evacuating toxins out of the body because potentially carcinogenic heavy metals (lead, mercury, zinc, nickel cadmium) are discharged with sweat, as well as fat, alcohol, nicotine, sodium, sulfuric acid, cholesterol, etc. Scientists state that in case of regular use of IR boxes even the salts of heavy metals can be removed from the organism.

Relief in case of muscles pains and joints immobility
   Thermo-radiation therapy is widely used in Europe for relieving the state of patients suffering from many forms of arthritis.
Infra-red waves produce positive effect to muscles and joints eliminating such problems as convulsions, pains from arthritis, particularly in shoulders and upper shoulder girdle, muscles pains, menstrual pains, rheumatism, radiculitis and pains in various organs. Besides, it was proved effective in the treatment of stretches, neuralgia, bursitis, convulsions of muscles, joint immobility and many other diseases of locomotive system. A significant part of immobility and pains coming with age is seriously diminished or eliminated altogether.

Relaxation of muscles
   The healing quality of IR waves that actually make heat deeply penetrate in the body tones up the tired, aching muscles by releasing the stress. Increased circulation of blood makes the nourishment of muscles better, sharply enlarging the supply of oxygen to tissues. This helps discharging wastes from the muscles, makes them more elastic.

Excessive weight problems
   When you lay relaxed in the soft warmth of IR waves, your body, on the contrary, is working actively producing sweat, pumping blood and burning calories.
   The use of IR box results in the growth of energy consumption, including for producing sweat burning calories in the process (from 500 to 2400 ccal per session). Producing 1 g of sweat demands 0,586 ккал. Consequently, regular use of the box can help you to balance weight. You can loose up to 1 kg during one session. While the weight can be re-established by re-hydration, the calories shall not be consumed.

   Cellulitis is a gel-like substance consisting of water, fat, harmful agents and wastes accumulation produced by natural processes of the body. IR waves can restore the natural balance of skin and create a possibility of removing these substances from the body in the form of sweat.

Skin diseases
   The activation of blood circulation in the skin under the influence of penetrating IR radiation results in dilating and cleaning the skin pores. Keratinized cells are removed; the skin becomes smooth, elastic and resilient. As the result of abundant sweating even those pores that had not functioned for many years become opened. The skin is cleaned as it is required for cosmetic procedures. A number of skin diseases can be eliminated:
- acne: the pores open, excess fat is removed;
- pimples;
- urticaria: the state improves;
- dundruff;
- serves as an addition to any anti-cellulitis program;
- burn wounds: the healing of scars, the reduction of pain;
- sun burns: the reduction of pain and healing effect;
- frostbite;
- direct heating of muscles in the IR box allows avoiding warming liniments when conducting massage.
Infra red waves actively influence the process of supplying the skin with blood and increase its intensity, this being the pre-requisite to keeping the skin beautiful, young and tender. Thanks to deep penetration and the removal of dead cells the skin acquires vital force and brilliance. Roughness disappears, elasticity is improved, and the skin becomes smooth and tender. The complexion becomes better, wrinkles smoothed, the skin looks younger.

Skin improvement
   Abundant production of sweat achieved during several minutes in the IR box “washes away” deep dirt and dead particles from the skin, helps cleaning the skin making it bright and clear. The skin absorbs oxygen more actively and as the result blood circulation increases, the supply of skin with nourishing substances and the blood rich in oxygen improves. You shall see that your skin blushes, becomes elastic, soft and smooth and shines with health.
The growing blood circulation shall help in the struggle with acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns, cuts and injuries. Besides, open wounds are heeled much sooner leaving smaller scars.

Detoxication of the body.
   Recent studies have shown that heating the body in IR sauna stimulates the cell to discharge toxic agents, including lead and mercury, from the body with sweat and urine. Thus, IR sauna can be considered as one of the elements (along with diet) of the program of deep body cleaning.
Cleaning the body of toxins is an obligatory condition of preventing various diseases and disorders. Along with healthy nutrition, cleansing fast and various diets, the system of IR radiation offers a wide spectrum of reliable opportunities beyond the frames of traditional medicine. Regular sessions in the IR box proved to be an effective and simple means that does not demand large financial expenses. The most dangerous toxic substances are fats and cholesterol consumed with food. The sweat exuded during the session in the IR box includes water, fats, cholesterol and heavy metals. The sweat exuded by people in IR box was studied and compared with the sweat, exuded in usual sauna. The following results were obtained:

Exuded substance

Usual bath / sauna
IR box
Other substances

   After testing the sweat exuded during an IR box session it was established that it contains the flowing proportions of other substances: lead 84 mg, cadmium 6,2 mg, nickel 1,2 mg, cuprum 0,11 mg, sodium 0,84 g (Green hospital 1983).
After comparing the quantity of the sweat exuded and the ability to evacuate harmful substances in a usual sauna and in an IR box it was found that during a session in the IR box the quantity of sweat excretion is twofold and other substances – threefold, which means that the ability of the IR box to remove harmful substances exceeds that of a usual sauna by six times. In the opinion of nutritionists, toxic substances that cannot be discharged by the body in a usual way are accumulated in the fat tissue. Doctor Ishikawa (Japan) asserts that the temperature of at least 450 degrees C is required to split fat tissue. Thermal influence of the IR radiation energy allows obtaining such temperature in the fat tissue without excessive load on cardio-vascular system; this is the reason for the concentration of toxic substances discharged being so significantly higher (as compared to a usual sauna).
   That’s why regular sessions of IR radiation are an optimal way to remove harmful substances from the body. Harmful substances include not only something that may penetrate into the body with food but also alcohol and nicotine. In the presence of problems connected with misuse of alcohol or nicotine, IR sauna used along with medications assisting in discharging harmful substances, allows independently creating a program of cleaning the body thus avoiding large expenses with a minimal influence on the working or other activity of the patient.

IR for women

   IR radiation has a special significance for women. During the menses IR sauna is capable of releasing convulsive pain due to the relaxation and discharge of excessive water caused by sodium detention. Due to the same reasons IR sauna exerts a favorable influence on healthy pregnant women. However, in case of toxicosis or complications it is necessary to consult a doctor before taking the procedure.
   After the delivery of a child the heating releases muscles pain, cleans the body and provides necessary solitude for the mother. Low temperature should be maintained in the IR sauna until the woman restores after the delivery.


   If you don’t feel quite well, be extremely cautious and consult the doctor.
If you take some prescribed medicine, consult the doctor or the pharmaceutist about possible changes in the medication effect stipulated by the interaction with thermal rays.
Take into account that sometimes internal temperature can rise during the procedure, which may have an adverse influence on people suffering from metabolic dysfunctions, disseminated sclerosis and some skin diseases.
If you have recently severely injured your joints, do not expose them to heating during the first 48 hours after the injury or while they stay hot and swollen because heating can be harmful. Strong heating is contra-indicated in all cases when there are any infections, either dental or in the joints, or in any other tissues. If you are pregnant or if you assume such probability, stop using the sauna, especially during the first half of the pregnancy. The Finnish women take sauna, in which the heating is not so deep, only during 6-12 minutes and they leave it at the moment they become aware of any discomfort. Such low level of thermal procedures intensity does not result in any harm to the embryonic growth. The effect of IR box as compared to sauna is two-threefold more intensive and it penetrates deeper in the body. That’s why it seems reasonable to shorten this exposure to 2-6 minutes with a minimal possible risk. During the late period of pregnancy moderate sweat exudation helps coping with the increased loan on kidneys. However, be extremely careful in case you have any problems connected with the pregnancy. Consult your doctor.
   Metallic prosthesis, rods, artificial joints and any other surgical implants usually reflect IR rays and, consequently, they are not heated with thermal rays. However, you can consult your surgeon on the order of using IR radiation. Certainly, the use of thermal IR radiation must be stopped if you feel pain in the zone of the implants. Silicone absorbs the IR energy. Implanted silicone or silicone prosthesis for nose or ear can be heated by IR rays. Thus, silicone melts at 200 С (392 F), so the use of IR radiation shall not do any harm.
   Heating the lower part of the back for women during the menses period can temporarily lead to increasing the discharge. If that happens, you may venture a short exposure to experiment or just avoid the IR radiation during this period.
People suffering from hemophilia or those who are predisposed to hemorrhages should avoid using IR radiation, as well as any thermal procedures that may result in dilating the vessels, which may heighten the probability of hemorrhages.
It is obviously evident that in case of any worsening of the general state during the procedure with IR radiation the exposure must be stopped.
   As a rule, people do not feel pain or discomfort when taking the procedures with the use of IR radiation provided there are no counter indications as described above. Otherwise you’d better avoid using IR heat now.

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