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SPA salons in Odessa:
1.  16 Zhukovskogo street
2.  62/1 Ac. Williams street
3.  67/2 Ac. Zabolotnogo str.
4.  13 Bunina street
5.  7 Shevchenko avenue


(048) 734-20-20
(098) 134-20-20
(050) 134-20-20
(073) 134-20-20


SPA salons in Mykolaiv:
1. 7 Krilova street,
ph. (0512) 44-14-45
SPA salons in Mykolaiv:
1. 7 Krilova street,
ph. (0512) 44-14-45
2. 44/2 Sennaya street,
ph. (0512) 47-99-48

SPA salon in Ternopil:
28 Tekstilnaya street,
SEC "Podolyany"
ph. (0352) 47-78-24

Open from 9.00 to 22.00.

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"ORIENT-SPA" Licensed specialists
from Thailand invite you to Thai massage salons
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"Giffarin" complex for face care

The complex proposed for your attention is based on the products of the Giffarin company, one of the leaders in the sphere of health care and hygiene preparations.
The complex fits any type of skin.
The products proposed by the Giffarin company have no allergic effect and conform to high quality standards as certified by ISO 9001.
The complex consists in a multi-step program for face skin care.

Step 1.
Cleaning the skin of your face of make-up, waste products, as well as dust and dirt with Giffarin Glamorous Beauty cream. The Giffarin Glamorous Beauty cream cleans the skin of your face and makes it moistened.
The cream contains the innovation component DSM Nutritional Products, Switzerland.

Step 2.
The process of cleaning the skin of your face is continued with water-based Giffarine Crystalline that contains no oils and alcohol. It makes the skin soft and fresh. Contains chamomile extract for balanced moistening.

Step 3.
Face mask - Giffarine Dramatic creamy soft mask finishes the stage of cleaning the skin and prepares it for further procedures. After the mask the skin of the face acquires tonus and final cleanliness.

Step 4.
Thoroughly cleaned and prepared skin goes though the next stage –Giffarine Exlusive Spa facial scrub.
The scrub contains the extracts of Tamarin, natural honey and particles of jasmine rice, which carefully and tenderly peel keratinized particles of skin.
The regular use of scrub stimulates the process of cells regeneration, makes the skin soft, velvety and tender.

Step 5.
Face massage with Giffarine Dramatic massage cream.
The face massage energizes face muscles, exerts influence on a number of active points on the face.

Step 6.
Moistening mask Giffarine Dramatic hydrating cooling mask. The mask helps restoring the natural humidity of skin lowered as the result of our exposure to environmental factors and dirt.

Step 7.
Moistening the skin with - Giffarine Miracle Fluid. The skin becomes damp, smooth, live and healthy. The formula does not contain alcohol and possesses no smells, it is enriched with the extracts of pomegranate, nuts and spirulina.

Step 8.
The completion of the process of skin enrichment and nourishment.
The Giffarine Repairy Treatment lotion contains yeast for achieving the effect of deeper enrichment and nourishment of skin. The lotion nourishes the skin, adds smoothness to it. It goes with any type of skin, including the skin sensitive to UVA и UVB.

Step 9.
The protection of skin against adverse influence of UV sun radiation.
The face wetting agent Giffarin Glamorous Beauty contains effective UV filter SPF 50 for the protection against UF sun rays, including UVA and UVB, that cause the appearance of wrinkles and dark stains.
Plankton extract, being a component of Giffarin Glamorous Beauty, prevents dirt from falling on the skin.
This procedure is performed subject to the additional agreement with the client and usually it is actual during spring and summer.

Step 10.
Whitening face mask of natural cotton. It does not include perfumes and alcohol, so it does not irritate the skin.
It is rich in natural extracts of water lily, chamomile and vitamin C, is moistens the skin, and adds softness and brightness.
You feel relaxed and fresh.
The procedure is carried out additionally on your desire.
In the course of this procedure our massage therapists perform the massage of the neck in addition to the face massage and while the mask is applied they perform the massage of hands.

Produced by: Giffarine Skyline Laboratory And Health Care Co., LTD.
Manufacturer’s country: Thailand

When choosing the procedure consult the salon manager, including on the questions of contra-indications.

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