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SPA salons in Odessa:
1.  16 Zhukovskogo street
2.  62/1 Ac. Williams street
3.  67/2 Ac. Zabolotnogo str.
4.  13 Bunina street
5.  7 Shevchenko avenue


(048) 734-20-20
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(050) 134-20-20
(073) 134-20-20


SPA salon in Mykolaiv:
44/2 Sennaya street,
ph. (0512) 47-99-48

SPA salon in Ternopil:
28 Tekstilnaya street,
SEC "Podolyany"
ph. (0352) 47-78-24

Open from 9.00 to 22.00.

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FAQ. Help when entering the Guest book            
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1. How and why to register?
2. How to enter the Gust book from any computer?
3. If you forgot the password
4. How to write messages?
5. Can I correct mistakes and edit the message?
6. Why does the button «Correct the message» disappear?
7. The publication of several small messages running
8. How to read and to write private messages? (PM)?
9. How to insert a picture in the message?
10. General requirements to the images published
11. Message design
12. Hyperlinks in messages
13. The function «Read next»
14. All smileys on one page
15. How to load your photo in the profile?
16. The function «Find the profile»
17. Invite a participant to be your friend

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1. How and why to register?

Registration in the Guest book is not obligatory.
If you do not want to register, enter only your name, you need not enter the password.
Registered participants enjoy additional advantages. They can:
            - edit messages, publish photos,
            - communicate with participants though personal messages (PM),
            - place personal information in their profiles if they wish.
You can register simultaneously with sending a message to the Guest book.
The succession of actions when registering in the Forum:
Write a message.
Invent and enter your Nickname.
Invent and enter your Password.
Tick off the box “Register”.
Press the button "Send the message”.
If the message “Nickname is already used, wrong password” appears, think up another nickname.
After the registration enter your profile and write information you consider relevant.
You cannot use twin-nicknames of the Forum administration or their derivatives.

Attention. Participants frequently forget their passwords. So you should better write it down in your note-book and keep.

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2. How to enter the Guest book from any computer?

If you are a registered participant, perform the following actions:
"Entry for participants" (at the bottom of the Guest book) - Nickname – Password - ОК.
You did not succeed? Try again as follows:
1. Press Ctrl+F5.
2. Clean the cookies in the computer.
As a rule, it helps.

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3. If you forgot your password

Write a letter to the administrator from the address indicated in your profile and he will send you a new password. The administrator’s e-mail is shown at the bottom of each page of the site.
Obligatory condition for receiving a password: your e-mail must be indicated in your personal profile.

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4. How to write messages?

A special Form for publishing messages is provided where you can write your message: ask a question or express your considerations.
A message may contain max. 50000 symbols.

The Form for publishing messages is at the end of the Guest book.
If you want to reply to a participant’s message press the button "Reply" over this message.
See also Message design

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5. Can I correct mistakes and edit the message?

If you are a registered participant you can correct mistakes within an hour by using the button "Correction" you can correct mistakes, edit the text or add a new idea to the message written. You can even delete this message if you don’t like it.

The function "Preview" allows viewing the message and its position in the forum before the publication.

A private message can be viewed before sending but it cannot be edited after sending.

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6. Why does the button "Correction" disappear?

The button "Correction" disappears in an hour after the message is written.

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7. The publication of several small messages running

If you want to add something to the text that had been already written while no answers came yet, use the button "Correction" and a message to the one written earlier instead of publishing another message. Combine short message in one.

Exclusion. Download pictures and messages one by one (the number of pictures should be equal to the number of messages), in this case the pages open quicker.

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8. How to write and to read personal messages (PM)?

Only registered participants can correspond by personal messages.
Enter the form of writing PM to write the message. Proceed as follows:

1. - Press the nickname and enter the profile of the participant to whom you want to write. Then, press the button "Personal message" in the profile or.
2. - In the section PM: Press the button under a participant’s message.
PM can contain max. 2000 symbols.

A new PM pops up in the form of a blinking flag in the upper left corner. Press it. You can read old personal messages by pressing the button PM beside your profile.
The script of the Guest book ensures confidentiality. No one except the addressee can read your personal message.

PM deletion:
Only 30 messages can be stored including incoming and outgoing ones. Delete unnecessary messages periodically, otherwise older messages shall be deleted automatically.

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9. How to insert a picture in the message?

(* Please, perform the actions marked with an asterisk.)
Press the button in the form for publishing the message and follow the instructions for loading the image.

* In the form that opens you must tick off the "Zoom out to 640 pixels".
If the value of this number is high, the page with the picture shall inadmissible extend in horizontal direction.
If necessary you can turn the picture to a certain degree.

Your actions for downloading the image:
  1. Download the image with the buttons "Browse" and "Download".
  The page with the codes shall appear.
  * To avoid making your picture a link select the "Unclickable". The way to do it?
  2. Copy code 2. "Picture in the text".
  3. Insert it directly in the text of your new message.

Attention. Leave empty spaces between the link and the text (using Enter.

  4. Send the message.

The image can be downloaded from Internet, from a page of a site – using the function "From Internet" on the page for images download and processing. The way to do it:

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10. General requirements to the images published

The Administration requests to place images only with the, service that is responsible for the images placed in the Guest book. The reliability of this service has been proved by long-term functioning of many thousands forums and guest books.
Why is it not recommended to use other services except for placing pictures?
It often happened that with the lapse of time pictures downloaded with other servers ceased to open:

Important. You should duly prepare a picture before placing it in the forum: cut unnecessary fields, turn it if angular, correct brightness and contrast. All this can be done using Photoshop or another graphic editor.

Don’t place photos larger than 640 pixels in horizontal direction. Otherwise the page with the picture shall inadmissibly extend.

Don’t publish several photos in one message. Download each picture in a separate message, this makes forum pages open quicker.

Attention, this is important: When publishing images you cannot use the address of the picture , placed on another site, any site may disappear or moved somewhere with all pictures at any moment. This is normal, owners of sites are not obliged to keep the addresses of pictures.
Sometimes it hurts badly when you see a cross in the message instead of the picture!

To the contents               

11. Design of messages

    - [b]bold type[/b]
    - [u]underlined text[/u]
    - [i]italics[/i]
    - [s]strikeout[/s]
    - [fоnt color=red]red font[/fоnt]]       - red is only for administration!
    - [fоnt color=green]green font[/fоnt]       - use colours reasonably
    - [fоnt color=blue]blue font[/fоnt]
    - [fоnt color=#993399]select font colour[/fоnt]
    - [big]large font[/big]
    - [smаll]small font[/smаll]
    - [suр]superlinear text[/suр]
    - [sub]sublinear text[/sub]
    - [h1
    ]heading 1[/h1
    ]       - not advisable to use
    - [h2]heading 2[/h2]
    - insert video from
    - http://address of the picture from Internet
    - download the picture from your computer
    - [url=http://full address of the link[/url]
    - Virtual Russian keyboard
    - Transliteration of Roman alphabet into
    - «enclose in quotation marks»
    - [img]full address of the image situated in site[/img]
     - [pre2]fixed pitch text[/pre2]
    - insert line
    -       [ul]indent[/ul]
    - list (point LI)
    - creeping line:[mаrquee]Scrolling text[/mаrquee] - read further...

    * Fixed pitch text is used only for publishing program texts in case line folding may damage the work.

Almost all operations with text are performed following the same order. Set off the word or phrase using the mouse, for example - "the text is typed in bold letters".

Then press the button of the corresponding command, for example - .
The set off text in the form of the new message publication is framed with tags [b][/b] and looks as follows:
                [b]the text is typed in bold letters[/b].
It will be bold in the message:
                the text is typed in bold letters.

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12. Hyperlinks in the message

Hyperlink is a part of the text or graphic image possessing particular qualities. If you click such hyperlink with the mouse you can move to another page at the address allocated to this hyperlink.
To create a hyperlink press the button (insert a link), situated over the message publication form, then enter full address of the web page or site referred to in the window that appears, for example,, and the name of the link you want to see in the message, for example, "Visit our site", press "ОК" and send the message.
You can insert the address of the picture in tags instead of the name [img][/img].

    An example of hyperlink in the text:

        Visit the site "Orient SPA", there is a lot of useful information about Thai massage.

  Hyperlink in the message form looks as follows:

  [url=]Visit the site [/url] "Orient SPA", there is a lot of useful information about Thai massage.

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13. The "read further" function

The function: Read further

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14. All smiles on one page

To open all smileys simultaneously enter the expression "javascript:wopen(1,254,1)." in the address line instead of the current address at any page containing the massage form and press enter To open all smileys simultaneously enter the expression javascript:wopen(1,254,1); in the address line instead of the current address at any page containing the massage form and press enter.
Scroll smileys with the arrows on the keyboard, scroll bars are not provided.
It is convenient when you need to find a concrete smiley.
Actually, 1-254 – are the numbers of smileys, that is they can be opened by parts.

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15. How to download your photo in the profile?

Download the photo from your computer using button placed above the message publication form and copy code № 1. - "Link".
Insert this code in the corresponding box in your profile.

Example of the code to be inserted:

Visitors of the Guest book shall see your photo in your profile and in the section "Memberlist", opposite your nickname.
The size of the photo is not limited.

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16. The "Find profile" function

You can find a participant’s profile without paging though the list. Type the nickname of the participant in the corresponding form of entry on the page "Memberlist" and press the button "Find the profile".

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17. Invite a participant to be your friend

When writing a personal message you can invite a participant to be your friend. You’ll be added to his list of friends just as he’ll be added to yours if he ticks off in the list of personal messages with +. You can delete a friend from your profile.
The list of friends is useful when you want to send a personal message to everybody, for example to invite them to some discussion. Messages can be sent to several friends excluding a part of the group when sending the message

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