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SPA salons in Odessa:
1.  16 Zhukovskogo street
2.  62/1 Ac. Williams street
3.  67/2 Ac. Zabolotnogo str.
4.  13 Bunina street
5.  7 Shevchenko avenue


(048) 734-20-20
(098) 134-20-20
(050) 134-20-20
(073) 134-20-20


SPA salons in Mykolaiv:
1. 7 Krilova street,
ph. (0512) 44-14-45
2. 44/2 Sennaya street,
ph. (0512) 47-99-48

SPA salon in Ternopil:
28 Tekstilnaya street,
SEC "Podolyany"
ph. (0352) 47-78-24

Open from 9.00 to 22.00.

Orient Spa - «Thai Spa Association» member
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Massage in Odessa. Gift certificate Massage in Odessa. Gift certificate

"ORIENT-SPA" Licensed specialists
from Thailand invite you to Thai massage salons
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Plunge into the world of genuine Thai traditions. Feel the salubrious power of massage together with the impressions received from the fragrances of this wonderful country.

Thai massage therapists in Odessa

Thai massage - is an art of establishing a connection between the massage therapist and the recipient. The massage therapist breathes in time with the recipient. This connection is based on a kind of universal energy presented by two opposite entities complementing each other – Yin and Yan.

Specificity of Thai massage lies in the combination of soft rolling and passive movements. The main secret – the relaxation is accompanied with the activation of vital force.

During the massage you can feel a new birth and full happiness, and a careless smile stretches your lips by itself making you smile to the world. An hour of light music, aroma of flowers and herbs, massage and procedures make you another person.

This strengthening and relaxing massage has been improved during many centuries. The body is under the influence of stretching and twisting movements. This assists to blood circulation and releases stress, fills you with the sense of energy and calm.

You can look how masters from Thailand do a thai massage in our salon.

Mobile SPA - means a mobile SPA-salon coming directly to you.

Massage in Odessa

This is the first Thai rehabilitating center in Ukraine where Thai massage therapists perform various types of massage and practice famous Thai procedures for body care.
Wooden plate made by the Thai master Jarun Tavechart in a distant town Chang Mai located in jungles in the North of Thailand. He made it specially for our SPA salons “Orient” in Odessa.


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